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Lies You’ve Been Told About Golf Ball

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    <br> If you’re looking to add some yards to your game, pick a firmer golf ball as they spin less in the air and don’t veer off as much if you hit a hook or a slice. The latest AD333 features a new FastLayer Core, which maximizes speed and keeps spin low by being softer in the center and then progressively firmer towards its edges. More importantly, for beginner players, we found this ball had a much lower spin rate compared to its predecessor. These balls offer decent value for money, but you may be compromising on durability when compared with some rival balls. Certainly, for overall performance and value for money, it is one of the best Titleist golf balls on the market. A stunning golf ball for any beginner player, the Ram Tour Spin is a high-flying game improvement model that is one of the best value golf balls on the market.<br>
    <br> It is definitely a competitive ball for the money because it is durable, has a good feel for a two-piece construction, and more than enough spin to enable you to control it on and around the greens. The Wilson Velocity balls are very durable, but you may notice the cover feels harder when you make it to the putting green. We carried out testing side-by-side with a premium golf ball and, to be honest, it was much harder to tell the difference than we had perhaps expected. There was also a quieter sound contributing to a softer feel and, on the greens, we also liked the blue alignment stamp on the side of the ball, which helped us improve our consistency in getting the ball closer to the hole. This helped us generate control around the greens. Offering good value and good control around the greens, the Volvik Power Soft comes in five colors. Around the greens, we also felt it was more than soft enough to inspire confidence on a variety of shots.<br>
    <br> Additionally, if you prefer a softer feel around the greens, this ball is great for those small chips and approach shots, with our testing seeing a sufficient amount of stopping power. We say this because a pack of 36 golf balls has an RRP of $47/£39, which is unbelievable value given the best premium golf balls are often this amount of 12! There’s only a tiny amount of the stuff – 0.7 percent – in uranium ore, most of which is uranium-238, which doesn’t fission as easily. Offers great control with its soft sound and feel, but has less driver distance at higher swing speeds. Certainly, there’s no denying that it is eye-catching, with its oversized Power Core promising high ball speeds off the face for a strong performance with the driver thanks to the low low spin and a mid-high launch the ball offers. The Callaway Warbird offers impressive distance and a good putting feel at outstanding value. The Callaway Warbird has always been synonymous with distance and speed, with its latest offering seriously living up to that claim. This is not only, in part, due to receiving an extra three golf balls in the box, (Wilson provides 15 instead of 12), but also thanks to the increase in distance you get.<br>
    <br> While these may not be the outright best balls currently available, we have specially selected these options for the beginner golfer, offering them a variety of attributes from control to extra distance. To begin with, the Srixon UltiSoft is the brand’s lowest-compression and softest golf ball ever, courtesy of an innovative new core that produces softer feel while maximizing energy transfer at impact for more long-game distance. The Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball is one of the softest balls in the Titleist range and is an excellent option for beginner golfers. The cheapest option in the Titleist ball range, the Trufeel 2022 is also one of the softest balls from the premium brand. The Chrome Soft series is Callaway’s premium lineup and are balls designed for professional golfers and low handicaps with medium to high swing speeds. Given how long it has been around, it is unquestionably one of the best Srixon golf balls and is a great option for those who are relatively new to the game and can’t justify premium prices, but want as much all-around performance as their budget allows.<br>

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