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How to stop Slicing the Golf Ball [and why you Slice]

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    <br> No longer do your golf balls have to be white, instead, they can be different colors like yellow, red, or even green. These balls react most with the impact of the square grooves on your shorter irons and spin fiercely, often stopping dead, or even backing up several yards after impact. Even the dimples on the cover are placed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency so that your ball can make it further down the course. The first thing to talk about is its FLEXATIV Surlyn cover which helps to create 46 percent more surface contact with the clubface at impact. 40 ▶ While Titleist engineers have long emphasized that its flagship Pro V1 family of balls benefit from a superior and proprietary cast urethane cover, this ball is the company’s first effort with a thermoplastic urethane cover. Around the green, the Velocity provides a soft cover to generate more rotation over comparable soft feel golf balls. Best for high speed swings, the TaylorMade TP5x golf balls provide more distance with the tour-level core that increases accuracy and forgiveness. This soft feel golf ball features Titleist largest core ever designed, which is what gives the Tour Soft its amazing feel along with increased speed for more distance.<br>
    <br> With the Titleist Velocity golf balls, a golfer will find high levels of forgiveness with maximum distance. For more advice on what golf balls you should purchase, take a look at our guides on the best premium golf balls, best golf balls for high handicappers and best value golf balls. If you’re thinking about whether it’s time to change golf balls, our best advice is to be at least as diligent about your process as you are with new clubs. Three-piece golf balls are more difficult to make and can require more than 80 different manufacturing steps and 32 inspections, taking up to 30 days to make one ball. One cool thing we particularly liked about this ball, was that each dimple has an outer portion that aims to slow sidespin during flight and helped to stop the ball from drifting off-line. So that’s my advice to you if you can’t stop topping the golf ball the next time you’re on the course or the range. A soft golf ball will travel further in the air, but stop faster when it hits the ground.<br>
    <br> Next time you need some peace and quiet on the course, challenge your kids to count all the dimples on a golf ball. The soft golf ball will allow you more control and additional spin, which will make chips and wedge shots much easier. Like a Hollywood starlet, the Mizuno RB 566V Golf Balls have the cutest dimples – and they serve a very specific purpose. Strike into the sand a couple inches before the ball as you would on a soft bunker, but instead of scooping up sand, try to hit the ball square on, more like a normal shot. Often we hit new models alongside previous generations, or competing models to see how the performance differs as well. In the Bridgestone range the e12 Soft and e12 Contact are the models to go for if you want a bit of color. After comprehensively testing this year’s newest releases, I’ve discovered the top golf ball models that offer maximum forgiveness for golfers. Who should use 4 piece golf balls? The history of golf balls dates back to the early days of golf. Although I don’t have that kind of pressure anymore, I still walk out on the course looking to shoot great rounds, which means I need a golf ball I can trust.<br>
    <br> In “A Leg Up in the Race”, when Coiny is eliminated, Golf Ball’s picture can be seen with a large OUT over it since she was already eliminated. Our Digital Editor Neil Tappin heads up all custom made golf balls ball testing on the site, but all our writers are experienced golfers who are able to review a golf ball’s performance accurately. Golf balls are perhaps one of the most technical pieces of equipment in your golf bag, and for that reason, picking the right golf ball for you can be quite an overwhelming choice. If you want a Tour level design, then one of the Tour B X or B XS balls will be the best, or if you want distance then the e12 Contact will probably test best. We did a separate test to see how compression impacts distance, so if you’re curious, you can see our article on high vs low compression golf balls here.<br>

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